Use cases

Protecting digital user journeys
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Meet regulatory requirements.
Asset misappropriation.
Expenses reimbursement fraud.
Real-time prevention
Holistic view of employees. Use Case Workflow Image

Fraud mission
control reporting

Omnichannel fraud mission control.
Capture the big picture of prevention.
Track fraud loss.
Send fraud reports to regulators.
Evaluate investigators performance. Use Case Application Image


Onboard the right customers.
Reduce fraud loss.
Reduce false positives.
Predictive analytics.
Machine learning.
digital onboarding


Know that customers are genuine.
Reduce fraud.
Boost conversion rates.
Extensive document coverage.
Frictionless 15-second onboarding.
Certified liveness detection.
id document verification use case

ID Document

Identifying the legitimacy of 13,000 documents across 247 countries and territories using NFC or OCR.
chargeback management

Chargeback Management

Efficiently manage and resolve chargebacks and disputes, automate data collection, and monitor rates to protect your business against financial risks while reducing operational costs.

credit card fraud detection

Credit Card Fraud

Efficiently detect and prevent credit card fraud, automate fraud detection processes, and continuously monitor transactions to protect your business from financial losses while enhancing customer security and reducing manual intervention costs.