Delivering true end-to-end fraud protection for Account Opening, login, Activity and Orchestration.

Proves someone is who they say they are via face & voice recognition coupled with liveness detection.

Detect which transactions are legitimate via an omnichannel high performance AI Fraud Prevention suite.

Enabling a centralised response to threats via a fraud orchestration mission control.


The digital Risk and Trust Platform

Tomorrow’s fraud prevention today.

One Platform Multiple Solutions

Protection from all forms of application fraud, from account opening to credit applications.

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Your Ultimate defence against Internal Fraud, ensuring the safety and security of your business.

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What makes our fraud prevention different


Transactional Orchestration

Intelligently feed your fraud, identity and cyber solutions via one API and capture their risk signals, then combine them into a single risk score.

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Adaptive Policy Engine

In-memory drag-and-drop context-aware rule editor that closely works with our behavioural models.

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AI Engine

Supporting Supervised and adaptive unsupervised models with explainable Ai. Bring your own models too.

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Journey Time Orchestration

Ingest, normalise and drive customer, user, and vendor digital journeys via a drag-and-drop journey-time editor.

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Dynamic Case Management

All-in-one omni-channel fraud case management that connects the dots between people, process, and data.

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Threat-Centric Cases

Groups cases and events by threat. Enabling a more effective and efficient investigation team.

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Transaction Orchestration

It’s not uncommon for a fraud defence to be fragmented; maintaining a well-balanced, fine-tuned risk and trust assessment requires all the pieces of the puzzle.

Transaction orchestration reduces unnecessary overheads by delivering standard interfaces to collect transaction and event parameters from underlying fraud, cyber and identity solutions. The results are then collected and combined to produce a powerful final risk score.

transction orchestration

Adaptive Policy Engine

Machine learning is vital in the fight against fraud; however, rules are still essential for fraud prevention today. Fraud professionals can use rules to stop a new fraud attack quickly whilst it’s happening and before an ML model adapts or temporarily use rules for a new business channel before an effective ML model.

aiReflex rules are adaptive, working closely with our behavioural engine and feedback loops or equally on their own or across business channels to deliver a next-generation rule engine.

Rule Editor

aiReflex rule editor is Intuitive,
With drag-&-drop context-aware features,
Supporting inter-channel adaptive rules,
Powerful statistical function and time series analysis,
Works in conjunction with the behavioural models,
All with sandbox testing and 4-eye+ control.

IF you can imagine it, THEN you can do it.
aiReflex Rulbook 7

Rule Safeguards

With great rule-making ability, comes great responsibility.
We understand rules are beneficial, as mentioned above; however, they can also be problematic if used in the wrong way, so we’ve developed safeguards to enable fraud professionals to learn more about the impact of potential rules before deploying ↓
aireflex rule performance analyzer

Performance Analyser

Presenting the accuracy and precision of rules using historical data via flexible reports, so you can adjust your rule sets to meet your needs.

Approval Control

Our maker-checker ( 4-Eyes+ ), coupled with a complete audit, delivers true control with transparency for fraud professionals and compliance.
aireflex rule approval control

Our AI Engine

aiReflex determines which transactions are legitimate in real-time using a multi-layer defence coupled with explainable AI to fight fraud and improve customer trust.

~ 80% effective from day one

Our ready-to-go AI engine conducts a detailed analysis of your transactional data in real-time to deliver unmatched risk scoring accuracy.

The multi-layer defence identifies suspicious transactions using our adaptive machine learning algorithms and next-generational behavioural engine to create hyper granular profiles for every individual to identify abnormal behaviour.

+   Open model architecture

Our AI Engine supports PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language). You can upload and use your models with a single click.

+   Explainable AI

​aiReflex AI Engine decisions are explainable. Our Visual Customer Behavioural Data helps you to understand and interpret predictions made by the AI Engine.
aireflex ai engine 1
aireflex sandbox simulation

+   Sandbox Simulation

Design new models and inspect their impact against historical data before approval and going live.
aireflex real time workflow

Journey-Time Orchestration

A common fraud management weakness is the lack of centralised fraud coordination across multiple fraud prevention, core and operational systems. This weakness results in higher fraud, false positives, good customers getting declined, higher prevention and operating costs.

Our real-time, drag-&-drop workflow editor automates your repetitive operational tasks and unites your systems to deliver continuous adaptive risk and trust assessments to protect your customers and reduce friction.

Case Management

The next-generation case management solution, built from the ground-up to manage fraud centrally, a mission control, automating tasks and decision-making to reduce fraud, friction and inefficiencies. Investigators become superheroes with a 360-degree view of the customer and explainable AI to manage a case at speed and accuracy, with intelligent search, reporting, queue management, link analysis, and so much more.

+   Threat-centric cases

Threat-centric cases change the fraud operations paradigm by grouping alerts, events and customer data into a fraud case based on contextual relationships, rather than a risky and inefficient alert-centric way of processing each fraud case independently.

The downstream effect of threat-centric cases is a reduction of fraud cases, false positives; while delivering 9x greater investigation efficiency saving you time and money.
threat centric
aireflex advanced link analysis

+   Advanced link-analysis

Discover fraud-rings, Synthetic Identifies, account takeover, online payment, promotion abuse, refund abuse, and so much more.

Our Link Analysis uses advanced graph-based techniques to display connections between any data points collected to supercharge your fraud investigations.

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What is Fraud Detection?
Fraud detection is identifying, monitoring, and investigating suspicious activities and transactions to detect and prevent fraud. It can involve transaction monitoring, anomaly detection, data analytics and identity-based solutions to determine fraudulent patterns.

aiReflex Risk & Trust Hub is a flexible application, event and transactional fraud detection platform that utilises machine learning and adaptive rules to stop fraud in real time for industries such as banking, insurance, and eCommerce.
What is Fraud Prevention?
Fraud prevention refers to strategies and technologies used to reduce the risk of fraud occurring. Prevention includes monitoring customer data and transactions, implementing more robust authentication methods, and conducting regular risk assessments. Fraud prevention processes also include employee training and educating customers on best practices to reduce their chances of becoming victims of fraud.
How Fraud Detection and Prevention From Can Benefit Your Company?
As your company’s digital strategy grows, so does your exposure to fraud and the risk of slowing down your growth. Fraudsters tend to be very creative, on average stealing 30 billion personal data records annually and causing $6.2 Trillion in damages. You may, of course, have many tools to help you fight fraud already; some businesses operate over 60 prevention solutions from 30 or so vendors, which naturally increases your IT stack complexity and overall costs in fighting fraud; however, the simple fact is, many prevention systems produce a siloed fraud strategy, thus, higher risk, inefficiencies and customer friction.

At, we unite your fraud tools, creating a centralised defence that works in harmony, driving genuine customer risk and trust assessments powered by AI, transactional and journey orchestration and identity solutions that reduce your risk, improving customer trust and overall bottom line while futureproofing your fraud defence.

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How Does aiReflex Detect Fraud?
aiReflex Risk & Trust Hub orchestrates and monitors event and transactional data for fraud and financial crime.

Our proprietary detection engines determine between genuine customers and bad actors in real-time using a combination of adaptive behavioural analytics, clustering and classification algorithms, and an ultra-fast in-memory adaptive rule engine to deliver a final risk score with explainable AI.

Risk and trust assessments are then managed via our fraud operations hub to drive customer journeys using all risk signals to improve fraud prevention and customer experience. Manual reviews are adaptively prioritised and presented by the threat to deliver extreme accuracy to
Which Types of Fraud Can aiReflex Detect?
aiReflex detects and prevents frauds such as application fraud, issuing fraud, acquiring fraud, internet banking fraud, mobile banking fraud, call centre fraud, branch operations fraud, internal (employee) fraud, internal control fraud, and much more.

With aiReflex, IF you can imagine it (and you have the data!), THEN you can detect and prevent it.

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Why Futureproof Fraud Prevention?
Fraud is escalating at exponential rates; regulations are increasing, customers are more sensitive to transaction friction than ever before, your prevention costs are spiralling out of control, and you need to do more for less; at the same time, you have a plethora of fraud prevention systems that are working in siloes, that sometimes allow fraudsters to slip through the gaps while your siloes are driving unnecessary customer false positives and insult rates. To make things worse, you don’t have a complete view of fraud to steer your prevention strategy, which is critical in improving customer experience and enabling the business to win market share and grow.

Futureproofing fraud prevention requires unity, integration flexibility, central intelligence, and an adaptive approach to digital customer journeys.

aiReflex is a web-based AI application developed with Java, designed to unite your prevention and identity siloes at the speed you want, serving multiple institutions and business units within a single installation with a centralised fraud API, LDAP integration, and its multi-lingual too.

We use known frameworks, codes, libraries, and technologies such as docker and Kubernetes to speed up the development process and allow for better code maintenance and scalability.

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