Discover our fraud Prevention paradigm and solutions for financial institutions develops technologies to help financial institutions tackle fraud through one unified solution. offers user authentication, end-to-end fraud prevention, operations and management solutions that focus on the customer journey where enterprises can simplify their fraud management operations to deliver an improved customer experience.

Our technologies are designed to combat financial crime at digital enterprises in financial services, E-Commerce, Gaming, Health, Aviation, Hospitality, Government sectors. Our unified operations architecture combines ID Proofing, KYC, Biometric Authentication via face and voice recognition, Collective Intelligence, Rule-based decision engines, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Link Analysis to combat fraud.

Our Mission

To help enterprises tackle fraud effectively. All risks associated with fraud involve three kinds of countermeasures: identifying and authenticating the customer, monitoring and detecting transaction and behavioural anomalies, and responding to mitigate risks and issues.

The Fraud Prevention Paradigm

fcase, a centralised fraud intelligence, and automation hub, residing on top of existing anti-fraud investments delivering efficent and effective fraud investigations and customer's risk and trust assessments.

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aiReflex, an omni-channel, high performance AI-based fraud prevention suite that helps financial institutions identify and preventcomplex fraud scenarios and reduce false positives. aiReflex analyes transactions and behavioural patterns in real-time to identify fradulent transactions.

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Udentify, Proves someone is who they say they are or how old they are when opening an account and then later on, authenticating to access or use their account; furthermore, answering the fundamental questions; is the customer the actual live person.

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Delivering true end-to-end fraud protection for Account Opening, login, Activity and Orchestration.

Detect which transactions are legitimate via an omnichannel high performance AI Fraud Prevention suite

Enabling a centralised response to threats via a fraud orchestration mission control.

Proves someone is who they say they are via face & voice recognition coupled with liveness detection.