Our Mission

At fraud.com, we believe trust and safety are fundamental to every customer transaction. We strive to deliver an adaptive approach to fraud, protecting the customer journey via a unified, familiar user experience that reduces fraud while providing the right balance of protection.

So you can focus on what matters: growing your business.

Our Values

Focus on the customer, and all else will follow
We build better when we work together
Provide our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service.

Awards and Recognition

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FinTech Awards Best Fraud Operations Solution 2020
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London’s Best Fraud Detection Companies – To Work for and Buy From 2020
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20 Top English Fraud Detection Start-ups & Firms 2020
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Best Fraud Detection Companies Award 2021

Our Investor

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Telefónica Tech Ventures is Telefonica’s Corporate Venture Capital vehicle which was launched to overcome the major challenges of transforming the Telco industry and creating new businesses by using cutting-edge technologies. To achieve the above, Telefónica Tech Ventures invests directly in startups and/or as a Limited Partner in a network of Venture Capital funds that lead key markets so as to build strategic partners aligned with the Telefónica Group’s global strategy.