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your customers online for

Fraud Prevention

1.    ID document verification

2.   Man in the middle attack prevention


3.   AI Face Verification


4.   AI Passive - Face Liveness Detection

5.   AI Voice Verification

6.   AI Passive - Voice Liveness Detection

Deter fraudsters and protect against spoofing attacks with advanced passive liveness detection that has achieved Level-2 certification for ISO 30107-3 iBeta Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing.

Prevent Fraud

Deter Fraudsters

Password credentials are easily guessed or purchased on the dark web; cybercriminals can access a user’s account and penetrate other online accounts to maximize their return. Udentify deters fraudsters only authenticating the right person, using face and voice biometrics coupled with passive liveness detection for a more robust user experience that fraudsters despise and users adore. 

6 layers of security 

KBA Replacement

Udentify authentication solutions supersede antiquated knowledge-based authentication and SMS-based two-factor authentication methods with secure authentication.


It's as simple as taking a selfie or saying a few words. Our advanced face and voice technologies authenticate users and unlock their digital identities in under a second.


Your customer is the password.

KYC & AML Compliance

As the global AML requirements tighten, it's imperative to prove someone is who they say they are at the start and during the customer relationship.

​Udentify delivers Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) identity verification as easy as 1-2-3, with a quick scan of their ID document chip, selfie using advanced AI facial recognition certified liveness detection.

Passwordless Authentication

Protect your customers and employees identities with true Passwordless MFA via facial and voice verification and passive liveness detection.  

Answering the question: Is this the correct, present person, in under a second across their devices

Delivering a high-performance solution for strong authentication, fraud prevention, and anti-spoofing verification.

Strong Customer Authentication

Strong Customer Authentication is the method required by banks and payment providers to verify the identity of customers online to enhance security and prevent fraud. The challenge for banks and payment providers in choosing the right balance of customer experience and security, to avoid drop-off rates.


With udentify, Strong Customer Authentication is automated, natural to use, takes less than a second using face or voice biometrics, while eliminating fraud.

Age Verification

A pop-up or tick box asking the website visitor if they are over 18 does not prove their age. Regulations surrounding age-restricted commerce such as gambling, online gaming, dating, e-cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol and so on, are complex and continually changing.

Udentify proves their real age under 13 seconds on average on the first use by extracting and validating their date of birth from the chip on their government-issued ID document using NFC / OCR when creating an account or making an online purchase.  

User Onboarding

Onboarding your new customers quickly and efficiently is just as crucial as ensuring dishonest or prohibited people are prevented from advancing.  

​Udentify AI-Powered facial verification and passive liveness detection intelligently match your live customer to their valid ID documents in seconds. Via a frictionless and natural user experience for the customer and an improved completion rate for your business.

ID Verification, Biometric Authentication & Age Verification Technology.

Anytime, Anywhere at Speed



PAD L1 & L2

Know the Real identity of your Customer, User, Employee, Business Partners, Patient, Student, Player or Gamer in seconds

User Onboarding

Age Verification

All your user needs is their ID and themselves

For a one-time identity verification

Delivering Frictionless User Onboarding that converts more customers while eliminating fraud

 ←  Authenticate Anywhere  →

Authenticate using your voice in your telephone and WhatsApp Channels

Authenticate via your face on your App, Website, desktop

Or Authenticate using your face and voice together

And after legitimate customers have verified themselves

Udentify's Passwordless Authentication ensures all future logins and purchases are being made by the original account owner

Identity proofing & Authentication in one place

Whether it's onboarding for new services or authentication to access an existing service or space, we let the good guys through with 99.9% accuracy at speed with minimum friction.  

Fit for any business

Financial services                           


Travel and borders                         

Gaming and gambling


Government and police

Sharing economy                            

Higher education



Live streaming

Real identity 

via NFC / OCR & AI 

Beat the fraudsters with the strongest identity proofing & authentication possible via ID + NFC / OCR + Selfie

Or in other words ( Spoof-proof Government-issued ID Document ) + ( Validating data in ID document chip is authentic using complex cryptography ) + ( Advanced AI / Deep learning and Liveness detection to determine the person is alive and the same as the ID document ) all in 13 seconds.

Bye-Bye fraudsters & hello good happy customers 

No photos, videos, masks or bad IDs permitted, only the real you

Our Identity proofing & authentication is Level 1 & 2 PAD certified.  PAD is Presentation Attack Detection testing, conducted in accordance with ISO/IEC 30107-3. 

Level 1   is the ability to detect 2D paper photos (flat and bent), digital photos, paper masks (flat and bent) with eye and mouth holes cut out and worn by a real human. 

Level 2   is the ability to detect 3D lifelike dolls, mannequin heads and realistic masks that can be purchased for under $300 and worn by a real human and deep fake videos exhibiting blinking or 3D motion.

Seamless integration

Option 1:  Udentify Mobile SDK 

Option 2:  Udentify Web SDK 

No Mobile App? no Problem...Integrates easily to your web app and let your users interact with any browser. Udentify will work on a Mobile or Laptop camera

Option 3:  Udentify App (coming soon)

Why Udentify 

Know the Real identity of your 

Customer, User, Employee, Business Partners, Patient, Student, Player or Gamer 

in seconds

 ←  Authenticate Anywhere  →

Authenticate using your voice in your telephone and WhatsApp Channels

Authenticate via your face on your App, Website, desktop

Or Authenticate using your face and voice together

And after legitimate customers have verified themselves

Udentify's Passwordless Authentication ensures all future logins and purchases are being made by the original account owner

User Onboarding

Age Verification

Delivering Frictionless Onboarding that converts more customers

while eliminating fraud

All your user needs is their ID and themselves

For a one time identity verification

Ready for the new era of identity, authentication and fraud prevention?

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Delivering true end-to-end fraud protection for Account Opening, login, Activity and Orchestration.

Detect which transactions are legitimate via an omnichannel high performance AI Fraud Prevention suite

Enabling a centralised response to threats via a fraud orchestration mission control.

Proves someone is who they say they are via face & voice recognition coupled with liveness detection.

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