Customers expect frictionless experiences; however, they also want protection; therefore, when the situation arises, the right level of security should be applied using all associated risks based on the combined threat rather than individual risks.

fcase intelligently manages fraud prevention response in real-time across your entire fraud and risk enterprise by uniting all your risks, customer and transactional systems, delivering a Continuous and Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment of your client's risk; further reducing fraud and customer friction.

The possibilities are endless.


Fraud Automation

Forming a single customer view to Permit, Block, Check Manually, Evaluate Trust during the customer journey while driving fraud operational efficiencies

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Every customer has a story

Every story has a journey

Every journey has risk

The total cost of fraud (TCOF) incorporates Fraud losses + fraud tools + Headcount + customer lifecycle value impact. With fcase, you can improve your fraud operations by up to...

Delivering Extreme Efficiency


Reduction in headcount, or the ability to do more, via one fraud framework

Reduction in fraud when enabling the full picture of fraud



Improved fraud insight delivering enhanced decisioning

Compliance Reporting

Via a common fraud and risk framework, PSD2 fraud reporting comes as standard, furthermore delivering the insight on fraud across your enterprise to support fraud compliance operations.


Built from the ground up for large volumes, fcase easily scales as your business grows, we offer several deployment methods including on-premises, cloud, and a hybrid of both.

Common fraud framework

A common reference model, delivering improved business impact and cross-functional alignment across your whole enterprise.

Fraud APIs

Data is the core of everything, with one common fraud framework and APIs across your whole enterprise. The possibilities are powerful in the fight against fraud.

Fraud reporting

Fraud reporting that spans your entire fraud prevention enterprise from where what and how to fraud operations performance.

Smart loopback

Feedback fraud results in downstream fraud prevention system(s) delivering crucial insight for machine learning.

Data orchestration

Intelligently unite all your fraud, transactional and customer care systems.

Fraud automation

Intelligent alert assignment, third party plugin integration, orchestrated fraud rules.

Fraud mission control

A single view of fraud delivering investigations, compliance and fraud reporting with a single source of the truth.

Fraud storyboards

See the big picture with the full story of fraud via flexible fraud investigation storyboards.

Fraud prevention forms an integral function for customer success, one strategy coupled with continued risk and trust assessment, means more control, happier customers at reduced operational overheads.

Boost your business


Case Management

fcase forms a common investigation platform across all your point systems such as anti-fraud and Cyber.

One final fraud prevention layer delivers a full picture of fraud, conducting the research and presenting the results automatically by threat, improving investigation accuracy and operational efficiency up to 9x.

Our Fraud Orchestration and Management solution for financial institutions

fcase is the method of connecting fraud tools and related systems, closing the gaps between anti-fraud, cyber, customer services and beyond. It is the combined central fraud layer that streamlines fraud operations, powers fraud automation, manages the customer journey and improves fraud prevention effectiveness.


Fraud Reporting

Understanding the complete picture of fraud across your organisation can be a challenge across disparate systems. With fcase, users can create reports based on any data criteria orchestrated, therefore delivering 100s of reports to give you the insight you need to manage fraud effectively. 

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Delivering true end-to-end fraud protection for Account Opening, login, Activity and Orchestration.

Detect which transactions are legitimate via an omnichannel high performance AI Fraud Prevention suite

Enabling a centralised response to threats via a fraud orchestration mission control.

Proves someone is who they say they are via face & voice recognition coupled with liveness detection.


What is Fraud Management and Orchestration?

Fraud management is the detection and prevention of fraud attempts and risks that occur or may occur while providing the services of a business, and making improvements to prevent new fraud attempts with the information obtained from these attempts.

What is Fraud Monitoring?

Fraud monitoring is the monitoring of all transactions to prevent fraud. This not only detects abnormal actions during the transaction, but also monitors all transactions in an account in any sectors (banking, insurance, game etc.) on the system, and allows you to classify and manage possible risks by tracking changes in personal data apart from transactions.

What is Fraud Case Management?

Fraud case management; It is the process in which the data of a transaction is evaluated and it is decided whether this transaction is fraudulent or not. This process makes it easier for fraud management departments to make faster and more accurate decisions.

fcase can create case models with the data obtained from this process with its AI-supported detection and management capabilities and deep learning algorithms, and connect different processes. this shortens the fraud investigation process and facilitates faster detection of future fraud attempts.

How Does fcase Fraud Management Works?


fcase fraud management solution enables you to manage all fraud operations from a single point, providing you with meaningful reports with the data of all transactions, helping you manage and make decisions.

fcase allows you to automate and improve the fraud management process with regular tasks and checks for the KPI's you set.

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