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Optimize Your Chargeback
and Dispute Management Processes with fcase

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Chargeback Management

Discover fcase – our game-changing fraud operations management solution, for efficient chargeback and dispute management.

Data Collection

Easily collect chargeback dispute data from various sources.


Generate comprehensive reports based on your data.

Chargeback Rates

Keep chargeback rates under control for each merchant to maintain terms with card networks.

Resolve Cases

Easily collect chargeback dispute cases and automate evidence gathering process.

Operational Costs

Enable your customers to self-serve the resolution of inquiries, reducing the need for call centre resources and related operational costs.

Efficient Chargeback and Dispute
Management with fcase

Take full control over your chargeback and dispute processes with fcase, a pioneering solution in fraud operations management. Use advanced case management and automated workflow capabilities to automate, streamline and optimize your chargeback operations.
With fcase you can instantly import dispute data from varied sources like API, Database, CSV, or Excel spreadsheets. fcase also effectively automates the process of merchant evidence-gathering, with its workflow design capabilities.
In today’s digital landscape, effective chargeback and dispute management is a keycomponent for safeguarding your business against potential financial risks. This process, however, can be time-consuming and complex, taking valuable resources away from your core business operations. That’s where fcase comes in.

Welcome to new era of control and efficiency in managing chargebacks and disputes - Discover fcase - your partner in mastering the power of fraud operations management.

Imagine a seamless, tailored solution designed to empower you, your team, and your business. With fcase, you don't just manage chargebacks; you reclaim time, resources, and peace of mind.

Say goodbye to manual hassles! Unleash the power of advanced case management and automated workflows to effortlessly streamline and optimise your chargeback operations. fcase is not just a tool; it's a pioneering force in fraud operations management, setting a new standard for efficiency and precision.

No more tedious data imports! With fcase, you can instantly bring in dispute data from a diverse range of sources - API, Database, CSV, or Excel spreadsheets. Picture a world where data integration is as simple as a click, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your business.

But fcase doesn't stop there. We understand the pain points of merchant evidence-gathering. Thanks to our intuitive workflow design capabilities, you can navigate through the intricate world of evidence collection effortlessly.

In today's dynamic digital landscape, safeguarding your business against financial risks is not just a choice; it's a necessity. We get it - chargeback and dispute management can be overwhelming. That's precisely why fcase is here, offering a personalised touch to your business needs.

Let fcase be the difference-maker for your business - freeing you from the complexities, empowering you with control, and allowing you to focus on what you do best. Welcome to the future of chargeback and dispute management. Welcome to fcase.

Harness Your Chargeback Operations

fcase offers an array of comprehensive reports, enabling your business to keep a pulse on their chargeback transactions and dispute activities. Such reports facilitate informed decision-making, offering insights into diverse aspects of chargebacks, including reasons, rates, costs, and outcomes.

With fcase, you can generate:

transaction reports
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These reports typically include all transactional data such as date of transaction, amount, payment method, customer details, and other related information.

Reason Reports

Chargebacks can occur for various reasons – from customer disputes, fraud, processing errors to authorization issues. These reports provide a breakdown of chargebacks by reason. Understanding why chargebacks are happening may point to particular problem areas in your organization’s transaction process that needs to be addressed.

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dispute outcome report
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Dispute Outcome Reports

Once there’s a chargeback, merchants may dispute them. This report details the result of those disputes, outlining how many were successful and how many were not. It can help calculate the ROI of the dispute process and understand how well the merchant is faring in dispute resolution.

Rate Reports

These reports focus on merchants chargeback ratio or rate, i.e., the total number of chargebacks over a certain period compared to the total number of transactions. This key metric can help determine if the merchant maintains an acceptable rate according to card network standards.
chargeback rate reports
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dispute outcome report
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Chargeback Cost Reports

These reports identify the monetary impact chargebacks are having on your operations by showing the total amount refunded, fees levied by banks, lost goods, and operational costs from managing disputes.
As a cutting-edge fraud operations management tool, fcase delivers robust chargeback and dispute management capabilities. You can design and implement a comprehensive dispute management process tailored to your specific needs using fcase’s advanced case management and workflow automation features.

Embark on a journey with fcase, where empowerment meets insight for effective chargeback and dispute management. Dive into a world of comprehensive reports that act as your compass, guiding your business through the intricate landscapes of chargeback transactions and dispute activities.

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Harness Your Chargeback Operations

Transaction Reports

Unveil the story behind each transaction, delving into the details like date, amount, payment method, customer details, and more.
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Chargeback Reason Reports

Decode the reasons behind chargebacks – from customer disputes and fraud to processing errors. Reveal the root causes with detailed reports, shedding light on areas that demand your attention.

Dispute Outcome Reports

Witness the aftermath of chargeback disputes. Track how many were successful and how many were not. Allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your dispute resolution strategies, this can help calculate the ROI of the dispute process and understand how well the merchant is faring in dispute resolution.
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Chargeback Rate Reports

Gauge the health of your transactions with a focus on chargeback rates, i.e., the total number of chargebacks over a certain period compared to the total number of transactions. Uncover trends and benchmarks to ensure your standing aligns with industry standards.

Chargeback Cost Reports

Follow the money trail with reports that reveal the financial impact of chargebacks. From refund amounts to bank fees, lost goods, and operational costs – every detail is laid bare.
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At the heart of fcase lies a revolutionary approach to fraud operations management. This isn't just a tool; it's your ally in crafting a bespoke dispute management process. Leverage fcase'sadvanced case management and workflow automation features to tailor solutions that fit seamlessly into your unique business landscape.


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Frequently Answered Questions on chargeback management.


What is a chargeback, and why is it important for businesses?

Chargeback is a situation where a customer disputes a credit card transaction, and their bank reverses the transaction when there is an issue with the purchased product or service. For businesses, chargebacks can lead to revenue loss and negatively impact relationships with banks. fcase helps businesses manage and minimize chargebacks through features like data collection, analysis, and automated processing.

How can I optimize my chargeback management process?

To optimize the chargeback management process, you can automate data collection, monitor chargeback reasons and rates, and develop effective strategies for dispute processes. fcase provides advanced case management and automated workflows to help businesses manage chargeback processes smoothly and efficiently.

What advantages does automating chargeback management offer me?

Automating chargeback management speeds up processes like collecting and presenting evidence for dispute cases, reduces error risks, and lowers operational costs, allowing your staff to focus on more strategic tasks. With fcase, you can easily achieve this automation and strengthen your chargeback process.

How can I track and control my chargeback rates?

Monitoring chargeback rates helps you understand the total number of chargebacks compared to transaction volume. fcase’s chargeback rate reports allow you to analyze your rates and maintain compliance with industry standards and card network requirements.

How can I increase my success rate in dispute processes?

To improve success rates in dispute processes, analyze customer objections, develop effective evidence-gathering strategies, and enhance response times. fcase helps by providing dispute resolution reports, allowing you to observe which objections are successful and which are not, enabling you to improve your process.

How can chargeback cost reports help my business?

Chargeback cost reports show the overall impact of refunds, bank penalties, lost goods, and operational costs incurred in managing disputes. fcase provides these reports, helping you better understand your financial losses and develop cost reduction strategies.

What does fcase improve in terms of chargeback management?

Chargeback cost reports show the overall impact of refunds, bank

fcase improves the following areas in chargeback management:

  1. Data Collection and Integration:
    • Automates data collection from various sources (APIs, databases, CSV, Excel, etc.) to reduce manual input errors and shorten data processing times.
  2. Automated Workflows:
    • Creates automated workflows at every stage of the dispute process, simplifying tasks such as evidence gathering, document organization, and determining steps to follow in the dispute path.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting:
    • Produces essential reports providing in-depth insights into chargeback transactions, reasons, dispute outcomes, rates, and costs. These reports inform decision-making processes and highlight areas that need improvement.
  4. Monitoring Chargeback Rates:
    • Monitors chargeback rates for merchants and keeps these rates compliant with industry standards and card network requirements.
  5. Evidence Gathering Process:
    • Automates the collection of evidence required for disputes, ensuring that necessary documents are ready for effective resolution of each dispute.
  6. Facilitation of Customer Support Processes:
    • Optimizes customer support processes by providing self-service tools for customers to resolve queries related to chargebacks and disputes, reducing call center resources.
  7. Operational Efficiency:
    • Automates chargeback management steps, allowing teams to focus on more strategic tasks. This increases operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


  1. Loss Prevention and Cost Reduction:
    • Provides analysis tools to understand chargeback reasons and trends, assisting in minimizing losses and managing financial risks.

In summary, fcase streamlines chargeback management processes, increases business efficiency, supports decision-making processes, and ultimately reduces operational costs while enhancing customer satisfaction.


penalties, lost goods, and operational costs incurred in managing disputes. fcase provides these reports, helping you better understand your financial losses and develop cost reduction strategies.

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