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ID Document verification
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Udentify ID Document Verification

How it works

Industry-leading technologies to verify the authenticity of an ID and detect fake IDs.

Our advanced OCR and machine-learning models support over 13,000 ID types to forensically determine the authenticity of ID documents.

Using NFC, data and chip authenticity can be cryptographically validated via a simple smartphone scan using Udentify NFC.


A multi-layered approach to
digital identity verification​.

OCR ID Document verification.
Intelligence in a simple scan.

Udentify’s OCR technology goes beyond simple reading of IDs. Our advanced document analysis, supported by a combination of advanced forensics and industry expertise allows for a wide range of data checks that help detect inconsistencies and fraud. By employing OCR and AI-based techniques, we can perform multiple validations, such as verifying the accuracy of document fields, checking name spellings (including alphabetic symbols, upper- or lowercase letters as per specific rules in different documents), document number templates, and more.

As a result, Udentify’s OCR verification saves you time and effort and ensures your customers are satisfied with the speed and ease of use of the identity verification services you provide.


ID Document templates


leading tech
Hologram analysis.
Ultraviolet and infrared analysis.
Geometric pattern analysis.
Microprint analysis.
And much more..
driver licence

NFC ID Document verification.
Secure, convenient, the next level.

NFC verification is a trustworthy and secure method of identifying individuals. According to the ICAO, 140 states and non-state entities offer NFC-enabled biometric passports, ID cards, and residence permits.

Udentify NFC-based ID verification allows biometric IDs to be verified securely and quickly by tapping them against an NFC-enabled smartphone. The chip on these ID documents contains biometric data and a high-resolution photo, reducing false acceptance rates (FAR). Checking the chip takes a few seconds and simplifies the onboarding process for the end user.

Udentify checks the authenticity using Cryptographic data validation.

Udentify uses Passive Authentication to ensure data integrity on the chip by validating cryptographic signatures using public keys.
Passive Authentication generates dynamic challenges to verify the authenticity of the NFC chip and prevent cloning.
Supportability: ICAO 9303, LDS, and PKI implementation supports ISO/IEC 14443-2, 14443-3, 14443-4 NFC Chip Standards.

Secure data extraction.

Udentify prevents anyone from lifting data without the holder’s consent or knowledge using BAC/BAP (Basic Access Control / Protection), PACE (Password Authenticated Connection Establishment), or EAC / EAP (Extended Access Control / Protection).

Complete server-side verification

Udentify adds another layer of protection with server-side ID verification to prevent verification results from being intercepted.
NFC pic


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What documents can you verify with Udentify SDK ?
Udentify SDK is designed for identity document verification services, specialising in determining the legitimacy of the following document types:

Passport Crew Member Certificate
ePassport Diplomatic ID Card
Driver License Health Insurance Card
eDriver license Insurance Board Card
ID Card Laissez-Passer
Citizenship Card Lawyer Card
Visa Marine License
Immigration Card Medicare Card
Refugee Card Work Permit
Proof of Age Card Police Card
Registration Certificate Social Security Card
Border Cross Card Residence Permit
Business Travel Card Voter Card
What standards does identity document verification adhere to ?

Udentify is compliant with NFC Passport standard ICAO Doc 9303 specification.
Certified ISO 30107-3 Level 1 and Level 2 Penetration Attack Detection.

What is identity document verification used for ?
Identity document verification is a quick and easy way to establish the authenticity of ID documents used for identity verification purposes, such as passports, biometric residence permits, driving licenses, and identity cards. This is an essential tool to prevent the use of fraudulent IDs.
How is machine learning technology used in document verification ?
Machine learning algorithms can accurately detect sophisticated forgery attempts within ID documents better than human intervention. To provide proof of identity, users can simply take a picture of their ID. Udentify’s machine learning algorithms quickly check the basic document features of the ID, perform text recognition, hologram analysis, ultraviolet & infrared analysis, geometric pattern analysis, microprint analysis, and other techniques to determine the legitimacy of the presented ID in just a few seconds.

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