Delivering true end-to-end fraud protection for Account Opening, login, Activity and Orchestration.

Proves someone is who they say they are via face & voice recognition coupled with liveness detection.

Detect which transactions are legitimate via an omnichannel high performance AI Fraud Prevention suite.

Enabling a centralised response to threats via a fraud orchestration mission control.

Application Fraud

Prevent fake and synthetic account openings and prevent downstream losses.

With the ever-evolving landscape of fraud tactics, financial institutions must stay ahead by utilizing application fraud solutions to safeguard their customers and businesses. aiReflex offers a comprehensive and robust solution tailored to address application fraud, no matter how it manifests.

aiReflex Application Fraud Prevention empowers you to:

Accurately Detect
and Prevent Fraud

Utilizing machine learning and advanced analytics, aiReflex analyses hundreds of behavioural characteristics to pinpoint potential fraud and prevent application fraud, while ensuring legitimate customers can onboard without hassle.

Halt First-Party and Third-Party Fraud

From customers falsifying information to criminal gangs using stolen identities, aiReflex’s advanced link and network analysis capabilities enable you to manage all types of application fraud.

customer experience

With real-time decision-making and accurate detection, our application fraud solution, aiReflex, ensures seamless account opening for genuine customers,striking the perfect balance between security and convenience.

with ease

aiReflex can be effortlessly integrated into your origination ecosystem, providing a platform for real-time fraud decisions powered by machine learning analytics.

Key Features of aiReflex Application Fraud Solution

Machine Learning

Leverage advanced machine learning techniques for application fraud to seamlessly analyse behavioural patterns for inconsistencies and aberrations that indicate application fraud.

Advanced Link and
Network Analysis

Detect and investigate organised fraud rings related to application fraud using fuzzy matching, social network analytics, and superior data visualisation.

Flexible Data

Make better-informed decisions by easily supplementing originations data with application fraud solution information from internal or third-party sources.

Case Management

Streamline the resolution process for application fraud cases with step-up capabilities and optimised case review for automated decisioning with fcase.

Detection Strategies

Benefit from pre-packaged, proven fuzzy matching and policy rules for application fraud detection, configurable through an intuitive user interface.


With pre-integration capabilities with origination systems, aiReflex enables rapid adoption and straight-through processing, focusing on application fraud prevention for incoming applications.

Onboard good, bad customers

With the ever-evolving landscape of fraud tactics, financial institutions must stay ahead to safeguard their customers and businesses.

aiReflex offers a comprehensive and robust application fraud
solution, no matter how it manifests, aiReflex is ready.

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What is Application Fraud?

Application Fraud is a form of deception where individuals or organizations provide false or stolen information to gain access to products, services, or financial resources. Application Fraud can involve creating fraudulent accounts, manipulating existing accounts, and more. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of this type of fraud as it can have long-term effects on businesses and customers.

How can application fraud impact my business?
Application fraud can lead to financial losses for your business due to fraudulent transactions or services provided to fake customers. Additionally, it may damage your company’s reputation and lead to increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies. Therefore, monitoring and detecting application fraud is crucial in protecting your business’s financial health and maintaining customer trust.
What is aiReflex, and how does it help detect and prevent application fraud?

aiReflex is an advanced application fraud detection solution that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to analyze behavioural patterns, inconsistencies, and aberrations that indicate fraud. It helps businesses identify and prevent application fraud by accurately detecting anomalies, verifying information, and conducting advanced link and network analysis.

How can aiReflex improve the customer experience while detecting application fraud?

aiReflex balances security and convenience by offering real-time decision-making and accurate fraud detection. aiReflex ensures a seamless account opening process for genuine customers while minimizing application fraud risk.

Can aiReflex integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, aiReflex is designed to integrate your existing systems and workflow easily. This allows your business to benefit from real-time application fraud decisions powered by advanced machine learning analytics without disrupting your current processes.

What types of application fraud can aiReflex detect and prevent?

aiReflex can detect and prevent a wide range of application fraud types, including first-party fraud (where customers falsify their own information) and third-party fraud (where criminals use stolen identities). In addition, its advanced link and network analysis capabilities help identify organized fraud rings and other sophisticated schemes.

How does aiReflex use Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics in detecting application fraud?

aiReflex leverages advanced machine-learning techniques to analyze behavioural patterns, inconsistencies, and application data aberrations. This enables the system to recognize malicious actors even when conventional detection techniques might be inefficient.

Advanced Link and Network Analysis in aiReflex involve using fuzzy matching, social network analytics, and superior data visualization to detect and investigate organized fraud rings related to application fraud. This helps businesses identify and prevent more complex and organized fraudulent activities.

How can aiReflex help streamline the application fraud resolution process?

aiReflex offers a comprehensive case management system that streamlines the resolution process for application fraud cases. It includes step-up capabilities and optimized case reviews for automated decisions, making it easier for businesses to manage and resolve potential fraud cases.