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Protection against fraudsters isn’t just for banks or payment operators; any organisation that needs to verify customer identities, handle transactions – essentially prove someone is who they say they are – is vulnerable to fraud.

With the launch of, businesses can be sure tat their security is in safe hands, thanks to our range of solutions to the ever-evolving fraud landscape. Figures released by UK Finance show that in 2020, financial fraud losses across payment cards, remote banking and cheques totalled over £738 million, fuelled by a rise in online purchases.

Offering an industry-leading fraud solution to this growing threat, comprises three streamlined systems:

  • Udentify is the first line of defence. Using AI, it proves that customers are who they say they are.
  • aiReflex uses high-performance AI technology to identify and prevent complex fraud scenarios and reduce false positives, so businesses can trust their transactions.
  • fcase ties everything together, acting as a centralised automation hub that delivers reliable and secure fraud investigations and customer assessments across every element of a business.

This combined approach makes detecting, managing, and reporting on fraud easier than ever before, providing end-to-end protection for organisations and their customers.

Harnessing the latest technologies in AI, ID verification, biometric authentication, robotic process automation and more, creates the most efficient and effective approach to fraud detection and prevention possible.

Emre Sayin, our founder and CEO, said: “We knew there was market appetite for a platform which harnessed the latest technology and provided an accessible and easy way to implement a fundamental fraud protection framework.

“Businesses understand the financial, legal and reputational risks posed by fraud, but fragmented approaches to fraud management or sub-standard systems, means that often the protection just isn’t there for their customers and their own organisations.”No matter what sector an organisation operates in – gaming, healthcare, finance, or tech – it’s vital to protect against fraud.

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