Age Verification in a Digital World

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Age verification ensures that a user is legally old enough to view certain content online, preventing children from accessing explicit material. There are many options for verifying that your customers meet the minimum age requirements.

Companies can now provide their customers with practical online age verification that integrates easily within current business practices. There are several ways to verify a customer’s age, including ID document checks with liveness Anti-Spoofing (ID +Selfie), digital ID, Credit Card, Mobile Provider & DB Checks. Alternatively, age estimation can be used when a customer makes an age-restricted purchase at a self-service till or vending machine or accessing age-related content inline.

Age Verification and Business

The issue of age verification is becoming more and more critical for businesses that offer services or products related to adult content. Therefore, when operating within this type of business, it is essential to provide your customers with the most secure age verification methods available.

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Internet filters are not good enough when it comes to identity proofing. The methods used by internet filters are often easy for children to bypass, especially if they have help from an adult.

Age verification can also increase your customer’s trust in you as a company. When customers know that certain types of adult material will not be accessible on your site without proof of identity, they are more likely to purchase things from you.

Businesses Liable for Age Verification

There are several businesses liable for performing an age check. One of the most important things to remember is that not all age verification tools are the same. 

It is essential to research your options thoroughly to find the right one for your needs.

Here are different types of businesses liable for age verification.

  • Online gaming/gambling website
  • Alcohol sellers
  • Nicotine and tobacco products sellers
  • Digital platforms
  • Prescribed drugs sellers
  • Medical services providers
  • E-commerce platforms selling age-restricted goods

Digital Platforms

Whether you’re selling digital music, movies, or TV shows, you are responsible for age verification, including those that sell age-restricted games.

The following list shows examples of the forms of online services that require age verification.

  • DVD, digital, or another electronic format
  • Downloadable videos
  • Streaming music and videos
  • On-demand services
  • Gaming cards
  • Online gaming, gambling, and lottery services
  • Social media and other user-generated content services
  • E-commerce platforms selling age-restricted goods

Online Gaming/Gambling Website

Online gambling or online casinos are responsible for age verification on games of chance, betting or wagering services, casino games, and sports events. 

The following are examples of age-restricted products that apply to online gaming websites.

  • Gambling services
  • Lotteries
  • Betting exchanges
  • Betting and gaming machines

Alcohol Sellers

Age verification is essential for businesses that sell alcohol or products typically consumed in bars. Some examples of alcoholic products include wine, beer, and spirits.

Businesses that sell alcohol are responsible for verifying the age of their employees and any third-party platforms that sell alcohol online.

Alcohol retailers must display a sign within view of the customer, which indicates what type of identification is required to purchase alcohol on their premises. These signs must contain specific information regarding the minimum legal age of alcohol purchasing in your area.

Nicotine, Tobacco, and Cannabis Products Sellers

If you sell nicotine, tobacco and cannabis products online, you must verify the customer’s age. This includes vaping devices and e-cigarettes.

Examples of nicotine and tobacco products include cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and smokeless tobacco. If your business sells and ships these products, it is required to verify the age of all customers.

Prescribed Drugs Sellers

Online sellers of prescription medicines must verify the age of their customers. This includes products that can only be sold with a prescription or if the buyer is under medical supervision.

Online pharmacies cannot sell medicinal products to anyone under 16 years old. Some examples of prescription medicines include medications and other ingredients from the opium family, such as codeine.

Medical Services Providers

Businesses that provide medical services online, such as health consultations and mental health services, must be registered with the Health Practitioner Regulation Agencies.

Websites that sell products for the diagnosis or treatment of a disease, illness, or injury must verify the age of their customers. This includes businesses that sell dietary supplements or other well-being products.

E-commerce Platforms Selling Age Restricted Goods

If your business is an e-commerce website, you must verify the age of all online customers; this includes websites that sell physical products and digital downloads. Additionally, any third-party sellers of age-restricted products on your website must verify the customer’s age. If they fail to do so, you will be held responsible for any breaches.

As an e-commerce platform, you must establish a robust online security policy that focuses on user verification. You should also implement procedures that provide details of any changes to your website’s activity.

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Bottom Line

Gaming, gambling, sports betting, online dating, e-cigarettes, vaping, cannabis, tobacco, alcohol and other age-restricted goods and services all have one thing in common, they are not for kids.

As a company operating in an age-restricted industry, you have a legal and moral obligation to verify the age of your customers accurately. With a robust age verification process, you can boost your brand and reputation and help you meet your regulatory guidelines while deterring fraudsters and kids from using fake IDs or spoofing to gain access. 

Age Verification with Udentify

Age Verification with Udentify’s – Udentify age verification solution combines AI ID verification with the highest level of certified liveness detection to ensure only age-appropriate customers access your products and services. 

The customer only needs to register once, which takes about 13 seconds, after which they can reuse their ID for ongoing age verification requests in under a second.

With Udentify, you can scale your online sales and verify your users online or in-store while delivering a fast and exceptional customer experience.

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