Delivering true end-to-end fraud protection for Account Opening, login, Activity and Orchestration.

Proves someone is who they say they are via face & voice recognition coupled with liveness detection.

Detect which transactions are legitimate via an omnichannel high performance AI Fraud Prevention suite.

Enabling a centralised response to threats via a fraud orchestration mission control.

fraud prevention

Protect your organisation from employee fraud and policy violations using Al-powered analytics and real-time data.

Today, employee fraud is a significant reason for revenue loss in organizations. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACE) has reported that occupational fraud results in a 5% loss of revenue in large organisations.

The aiReflex platform, powered by Al, is created to protect your organisation from employee fraud, business misconduct, and policy violations. Using aiReflex, you can decrease fraud losses, lower reputational risk, and confidently adhere to industry regulations.

Key Features and Benefits of aiReflex Employee Fraud Prevention

AI-driven employee
fraud detection

Our advanced machine learning algorithms analvse emplovee behaviour across multiple channels to uncover fraudulent activities and policy violations.


Our decision engine is fast and efficient. It combines both financial and non-financial activities within your organization to detect and prevent fraud in real-time.


Designed to enhance your team’s productivity with customizable workflows, automated procedures, and visual storytelling tools for quicker and more precise investigations.

Holistic View
of Employees

By centralizing data across different channels, you enhance your ability to identify questionable patterns of behaviour among employees.

Flexible, Scalable

Customize aiReflex to suit your organization’s unique needs with pre-built employee fraud detection scenarios, risk models, and case management tools that grow along with your business.


Our platform is designed to be easy-to-use, allowing you to create, edit, and manage rules with ease.

aiReflex employee fraud prevention Use Cases

Reimbursement Fraud

Identify suspicious patterns in expense reports, which helps to detect and flag potentially fraudulent claims for further investigation.


effortlessly detect any inconsistencies in your payroll transactions. It assists you in pinpointing problems such as payments to non-existent employees or unauthorized salary hikes.


aiReflex helps you detect unauthorized asset transfers or inventory discrepancies, which could indicate theft or embezzlement.


Protecting your company from legal trouble and reputation harm by detecting insider trading through analysing financial data and communication patterns.

Collusion and

By analysing the network, it is possible to detect questionable relationships between employees, vendors, or customers. This can help uncover possible schemes involving collusion and kickbacks.

Data Theft & Intellectual
Property Fraud

By using real-time monitoring and access control features, any unauthorized access to sensitive information can be detected. This helps to prevent data theft and intellectual property fraud.

Don't let employee fraud jeopardise your organisation’s success

Safeguard your organization against employee fraud with aiReflex – the go-to platform for top financial institutions.

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