Delivering true end-to-end fraud protection for Account Opening, login, Activity and Orchestration.

Proves someone is who they say they are via face & voice recognition coupled with liveness detection.

Detect which transactions are legitimate via an omnichannel high performance AI Fraud Prevention suite.

Enabling a centralised response to threats via a fraud orchestration mission control.

In the fight against fraud
Speed, Accuracy & Transparency
is everything

AI-Powered Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution

That adapts to your business with ease.
Real Time1


Scores events in under two milliseconds.



80% effective from day 1, & up to 99% after a model training.



360 degree view of the customer, explainable AI, threat-centric cases & link analysis.



Centrally manage customer risk & adaptively apply the right trust using all your risk signals together.



Develop, tune our models, or add your own. Create new functions & features to deliver true flexibility.



Develop, tune our models, or add your own. Create new functions & features to deliver true flexibility.


Rapid deployment

Quickly expand to new business channels, geographies & payment types.

Case Management

True case management

Our case management focuses on automation, threats & transparency. It is the most advanced case management system built for fraud professionals.

aiReflex determines which transactions are legitimate in real-time using a multi-layer defence coupled with explainable AI to fight fraud and improve customer trust.

~ 80% effective from day one

|   Our AI Engine

Our ready-to-go AI engine conducts a detailed analysis of your transactional data in real-time to deliver unmatched risk scoring accuracy.

The multi-layer defence identifies suspicious transactions using our adaptive machine learning algorithms and next-generational behavioural engine to create hyper granular profiles for every individual to identify abnormal behaviour.

+   Open model architecture

Our AI Engine supports PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language). You can upload and use your models with a single click.

+   Explainable AI

​aiReflex AI Engine decisions are explainable. Our Visual Customer Behavioural Data helps you to understand and interpret predictions made by the AI Engine.
aireflex ai engine 1
aireflex sandbox simulation

+   Sandbox Simulation

Design new models and inspect their impact against historical data before approval and going live.

|   Adaptive Rule Engine

Machine learning is vital in the fight against fraud; however, rules are still essential for fraud prevention today. Fraud professionals can use rules to stop a new fraud attack quickly whilst it’s happening and before an ML model adapts or temporarily use rules for a new business channel before an effective ML model.

aiReflex rules are adaptive, working closely with our behavioural engine and feedback loops or equally on their own or across business channels to deliver a next-generation rule engine.

+   Rule Design Editor

aiReflex rule editor is Intuitive

With easy drag-&-drop context-aware features

Supporting inter-channel adaptive rules

With global context variables

Custom functions & features support

All with sandbox testing and control

The rule engine with it all

aireflex rule design editor

+   Rule Safe Guards

With great rule-making ability, comes great responsibility.

​ We understand rules are beneficial, as mentioned above; however, they can also be problematic if used in the wrong way, so we’ve developed safeguards to enable fraud professionals to learn more about the impact of potential rules before deploying ↓
aireflex rule performance analyzer

:   Rule Performance Analyzer

Presenting the accuracy and precision of rules using historical data via flexible reports, so you can adjust your rule sets to meet your needs.

:   Rule Approval Control

Our maker-checker ( 4-Eyes+ ), coupled with a complete audit, delivers true control with transparency for fraud professionals and compliance.
aireflex rule approval control

|    Holistic Case Management

The next-generation case management solution, built from the ground-up to manage fraud centrally, a mission control, automating tasks and decision-making to reduce fraud, friction and inefficiencies. Investigators become superheroes with a 360-degree view of the customer and explainable AI to manage a case at speed and accuracy, with intelligent search, reporting, queue management, link analysis, and so much more.
aireflex real time workflow

+   Real-time workflow

A common fraud management weakness is the lack of centralised fraud coordination across multiple fraud prevention, core and operational systems. This weakness results in higher fraud, false positives, good customers getting declined, higher prevention and operating costs.

Our real-time, drag-&-drop workflow editor automates your repetitive operational tasks and unites your systems to deliver continuous adaptive risk and trust assessments to protect your customers and reduce friction.

+   Threat-centric cases

Threat-centric cases change the fraud operations paradigm by grouping alerts, events and customer data into a fraud case based on contextual relationships, rather than a risky and inefficient alert-centric way of processing each fraud case independently.

The downstream effect of threat-centric cases is a reduction of fraud cases, false positives; while delivering 9x greater investigation efficiency saving you time and money.
threat centric
aireflex advanced link analysis

+   Advanced link-analysis

Discover fraud-rings, Synthetic Identifies, account takeover, online payment, promotion abuse, refund abuse, and so much more.

Our Link Analysis uses advanced graph-based techniques to display connections between any data points collected to supercharge your fraud investigations.

[ Learn more about how our holistic case manager delivers superpowers to your fraud operations ]

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Fraud detection is a system developed to prevent relying on false statements to obtain money or property illegally in sectors such as banking and insurance. Fraud detection technology; Transactions such as suspicious transactions, fake location and identity information, and attempts to bypass systems are detected and real-time monitoring and protection is provided.

Fraud activities can be done in different ways for each sector. However, in general;

  • Use of fake identity,
  • Money laundering,
  • Credit card fraud,
  • Use of malicious applications

Fraud can be attempted by doing such actions.

Fraud prevention; They are AI-supported systems developed to detect and prevent suspicious transactions by monitoring all transactions in real time on online and mobile channels against a possible fraud or fraudulent practice of institutions serving in sectors such as banking, finance, insurance. aiReflex Fraud Prevention Technology; monitors and intervenes in systems quickly and effectively.

Transaction fraud:

This is the most common form of fraud. Scammers make various purchases (Premium accounts, purchase content, crypto money, purchase products) with the credit card information they obtained illegally.

Money Mule:

It is a money laundering method that occurs when people knowingly or unknowingly transfer money obtained illegally. The people who make these transactions can carry out these transactions by being misled by malicious people without knowing the source of the money.

Identity Scam:

By illegally purchasing the stolen identity data of real persons (from the darkweb); It is a type of fraud that is supported by fake photos and e-mail addresses. It is mainly used for fraud in banking, finance and lending transactions. It causes huge financial losses and sanctions.

Application Fraud:

Impersonating real persons with forged documents or stolen identity information; It is a form of fraud that is used to obtain money illegally through transactions such as account opening application, loan application, cash withdrawal request, and which can cause great financial losses to people.

Authorized Push Payment:

Authorized Push Payment is a fraud attempt to imitate real persons or organizations, and to send money to the victims of fraud. People can be harmed by using this method.

Abuse of Promotion:

It is the process of exploiting the various opportunity discounts or bonus definitions offered by the businesses to their customers, to make more than one use with the multi-account method. This can be automated, leading to massive attacks, illegal use of bonuses through promotions, and huge financial losses.

Account Takeover:

It is a type of fraud that is experienced by obtaining the data of the users illegally (purchasing from the dart web), through the misuse of the services of the person's information, bank accounts, purchases on various platforms and personal use. With the social engineering method, this allows accessing personal information to accounts on different platforms and allowing illegal transactions to be made on these accounts.

aiReflex consist of AI engines, an ultra-fast in memory rule engine and many useful real-time analysis functions such as “Time Series Analysis” an “Link Analysis”.

aiReflex detects fraud risk in real-time by analysing the transaction data utilizing its Machine Learning algorithms in combination with its rule and analysis engines.

aiReflex provides a flexible Machine Learning Architecture, delivering Supervised, Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised learning. It can utilize clustering or classification algorithms depending on the channel type and transaction density.