Technical Support Services International LTD. Limited(hereinafter called The “VENDOR”), is a limited company registered in England and Wales

Scope of Technical support: During the term of this agreement, VENDOR will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to resolve problems reported by the Customer in the supported software or the supported hardware in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and according to the process and responsibility matrix below.

Technical Support will be provided only to authorized Technical Contacts identified by the customer in accordance with the then-current VENDOR policy and will consist of remote support, ticket support, telephone assistance, access to web-based resources, and fixes as deemed necessary by VENDOR for the supported software and hardware.

VENDOR will provide Technical Support only for supported software. Updates, Fixes, Workarounds and Releases will be made available to the Customer by VENDOR support team.

Updates for the Supported Software are included within Technical Support Scope and shall be provided to the authorized Technical Contacts identified by Customer in accordance with the then-current VENDOR policy. VENDOR reserves the right to release Software Updates that may require upgrades or replacement of Supported Hardware.

Unless instructed otherwise by VENDOR all support tickets to VENDOR will be opened using VENDOR support system.

1.1  Limitations of Support

VENDOR will have no obligation to provide Technical Support for supported software or supported hardware in the following cases: (i) Supported hardware or software versions that has been modified or altered by anyone other than VENDOR or its authorized contractors or which has been combined, integrated or bundled with non-VENDOR hardware or software; (ii) Software that is not supported software and hardware that is not supported hardware;(iii) Hardware or application hosting platforms (e.g. Amazon, Google, Microsoft) that is not supplied by VENDOR (iv) Problems caused, directly or indirectly, by negligence, abuse or misapplication, use of the Supported Software or hardware other that as is specified in the applicable VENDOR documentation, or other causes beyond the control of VENDOR including, but not limited to damage caused by fire, lightning, accident, flood or other similar causes, unsuitable physical environment and improper service by someone other than VENDOR or its authorized contractor; or (v) any third party software or hardware. (vi) Customer/ RESELLER has made unauthorized changes to the Product configuration or set-up (vii)  Customer’s failure to upgrade or update the VENDOR products to a supported version as specified at:

VENDOR will not be responsible for any changes, including without limitation the cost of any changes, to Customer’s hardware or software which may be necessary to use the VENDOR software or supported hardware due to release, Fix, Workaround or Update.

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